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About LFS

The purpose of LFS activity

To represent the interests of LFS members and mobilize the efforts of LFS members, ensuring operative and competent pharmaceutical services for Lithuanian residents and constantly raising the professional qualifications of LFS members and other pharmaceutical specialists.

LFS can achieve its goal by uniting the forces of Lithuanian and expatriate pharmacists, gaining the trust and support of the population, actively participating in the improvement of the Lithuanian pharmaceutical system, specialist training and qualification improvement programs, and applying the principles of the code of ethics in providing pharmaceutical services to Lithuanian residents.

The main tasks of LFS:

  1. Prepare drafts of normative acts on the issues of pharmaceutical science and practice and, according to the established procedure , submit them to the responsible state institutions for consideration;

  2. To participate in the improvement of the supply of medicines, medical devices and pharmaceutical products system;

  3. To participate in the improvement of the system of preparation and upgrading of qualifications of pharmaceutical specialists, to raise professional qualifications of LFS members and other pharmaceutical specialists;

  4. To promote professional communication of pharmaceutical specialists and connections with specialists in other fields;

  5. To represent LFS members in Lithuania and beyond, as well as the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) forums and other European and world pharmaceutical organizations;

  6. Protect the rights and interests of LFS members in state and public institutions;

  7. Establish charity, award, scholarship and other funds;

  8. To resolve professional disputes of LFS members, to publicly publish knowledge about pharmacist ethics and law and order violations;

  9. Caring for the prestige of the pharmaceutical profession and promoting the merits of famous pharmacists both for pharmaceuticals, as well as for the Republic of Lithuania;

  10. Actively participate in the development of Lithuanian pharmaceutical terminology;

  11. Participate in the creation of ecologically based medicinal plant cultivation, rational recommendations for operation, drug technology and analysis, processing and destruction;

  12. To support promising directions of pharmaceutical scientific and practical activities and actively in these LFS members working in the fields;

  13. Organize trips for LFS members to pharmaceutical companies, scientific practical conferences, congresses and other professional development events.

Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Union

Founded in 1990 October 13 

The Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Union considers its predecessor the Lithuanian Pharmacists' Union, established in 1920, and continues the professional associations of pharmacists, first established in Lithuania in 1819. traditions.

It is the strongest union uniting pharmacists and other pharmaceutical specialists.

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