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Dear Colleagues, Dear Colleagues

We invite you to become official members of the Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Union or extend your membership in LFS!

In order to do this, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to the website;

2. After registering at the specified e-mail You will receive a letter by mail, what to do next:

a) After logging in to the page menu, select “Membership payment", select the type of membership you want and make the payment;

b) After logging in to the page menu select “Consent for data use", fill out and confirm the form.

3. Take advantage of all the benefits of LFS membership!


Important information

Annual LFS membership fee, officially approved in 2019. October 19 LFS during the convention is 50 euros. This amount can be paid immediately or in installments (25 euros each twice a year).

Benefits provided:

  • LFS members have priority to participate in events organized by LFS;

  • Receive a 30% discount from the registration fee of the event organized by LFS;

  • Free "Lietuvos farmacijos žinios" magazine;

  • Access to LFS website information for LFS members.

​Regards, on behalf of the LFS Board

LFS president Ona Ragažinskienė

tel.-, email p.:

LFS responsible secretary pharm. Mag. Rūta Matulaitiene

tel. +370 674 06001, e-mail p.:

Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Union (LFS)- the longest-running organization uniting pharmacists, continuing the interwar Lithuanian Pharmacists' Union and prof. JF Wolfgang 1819 the traditions of the first pharmaceutical society founded. Our union includes pharmacists working in community and hospital pharmacies, wholesale drug companies and drug manufacturing companies and agencies, university departments and laboratories, and pharmacist assistants.

One of the most important goals of LFS activity- to raise the professional qualifications of specialists working in the field of pharmacy. We believe that you could be convinced of this by participating in LFS events: congresses, conventions, scientific-practical conferences and receiving a certificate confirming this. The "Lietuvos farmacijos žinios" magazine, published by LFS, contributes to this goal, introducing the news of pharmaceutical activities both in Lithuania and in foreign countries. LFS defends the rights of pharmaceutical specialists in Lithuanian state institutions, submits proposals for pharmaceutical legislation, represents the interests of LFS members in Lithuania and abroad.



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