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A brief history of LFS

LFS continues the professional organization of university-educated pharmacists founded in Vilnius in 1819 and founded in 1920. The traditions of the independent "Lithuanian Pharmacists Union" founded in the Republic of Lithuania. Previously, during the Soviet occupation, the organization of pharmaceutical specialists was called the "Lithuanian Republican Society of Pharmacists" (RFMD). Today, the "Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Union" unitesall Lithuanian pharmaceutical specialists.

Iki 2020 m.

in 1990

RFMD was present at the 5th extraordinary congress of pharmaceutical specialists adopted a new program and statutes and named "Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Union"(based on the experience of many European countries and pre-war Lithuania).

LFS Statutesapproved at the LFS V congress in 1990. October 13 and were registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania by Order No. 94-VO of December 18, 1990.

At the Congress of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in IstanbulLFS was admitted to this organization as an associate member.

1991 m.

LFS accepted toAssociation of pharmaceutical specialist organizations of European countries EuroPharm Forum, which unites pharmaceutical specialists from 35 countries.

1995 m.

LFS accepted as a full member toInternational Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) 

The pre-war Lithuanian pharmacists' organization was a member of FIP

1996 m.

October 25 At the 11th LFS congress, the statutes of the organization were supplemented and amended.

1997 m.

January 17 of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania. by order No. 20-V Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Unionregistered as a public organization, following the Law on Public Organizations of the Republic of Lithuania.

LFS code - 9066702, address: Universiteto 2, Vilnius.

According to the Statutes of our public organization registered with the Ministry of Justice, only pharmacy university higher education specialists can be its members.

The Pharmacy Days are being organized.

in 1998

LFS accepted toGroup on Pharmaceutical Affairs of the European Union (GPEU)as an observer.

The LFS initiative revived the pre-war Baltic tradition of holding annual meetings of pharmaceutical specialists to discuss problems.

The first meeting took place in Vilnius, in the city hall"BaltPharm Forum" was established, and in 2019, the 22nd meeting took place again in Lithuania. We believe that these "people's diplomacy" events help to implement the provisions of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to improve and activate cooperation between the Baltic countries at the level of the pharmaceutical sector.

Nuo 2020 m.

since 2000

Organized annually:

  • LFS conventions;

  • Pharmacy days.

Participates in FIP congresses.

LFSpublishes a professional journal"Lietuvos farmacijos žinios", continuing the traditions of the magazine "Farmacijos žinios" published in Lithuania between the wars.


To be accepted during the conventionupdated LFS statutes, following the Law on Associations of the Republic of Lithuania.

2020 01 10

The statutes of LFS are registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the Register Center of the Republic of Lithuania.

Papildoma informacija

additional information

Honorable guests at our events

11-13 September 1937  FIP General Secretary T. Potjevijd visited Lithuania.

5-6 November 1999 At the invitation of LFS, FIP President Peter Kielgast from Denmark visited and gave a speech at the XIV Congress of LFS.

April 15-17, 2016 FIP President Carmen Pena and General Secretary Luc Besancon visited the BaltPharm Forum in Klaipėda at the invitation of LFS.

April 13-14, 2019The President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Association of the United Kingdom Prof. participated in the BalthPharm Forum organized by LFS. Ashok Soni.

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